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Behavioral Emails

Emails based on the actions performed by the customers during the interaction with your company/business are termed as Behavioral Emails. Receiving an abandoned cart email or a customer appreciation email or may be a follow-up email is because of the behavioral email marketing. These emails are personally targeted in order to fulfill very specific needs.

Categories under Behavioral Emails :

  • Abandoned Cart Emails : Have you ever received emails that remind you of the products that you left in the cart and somehow forgot to not end up purchasing them? There might be many reasons because of which you ditched the cart. As a company, it would not be a good sign. So, in order to bring the customers back to shopping, these emails are triggered.

  • Appreciation Emails : You might want to appreciate your customers for let’s say – making a new profile, writing a new blog, gaining reward points,etc. Sending appreciation emails to the subscribers, make them feel valued. They are more likely to place their trust again on your business.
  • Thank you Emails : Paying gratitude to someone is the best way of showing that you value them. Sending a thank you email reminds them of how worthy they are and creates a sweet bond of respect and appreciation between the sender and the receiver.
  • Follow Up Emails : Asking users about their experience, their thoughts and suggestions make them feel that their opinion matters and the company is willing to take their suggestion in action. To make the users more willing to interact and share their views, you need to send them scheduled follow up emails.
  • Unsubscribe Emails : There may be cases when the subscribers decide to unsubscribe from your email newsletters. Once the subscriber, clicks on unsubscribe link, a email stating that he/she has opted for unsubscribing. The major reason behind sending these emails is to gain back the trust of the leaving customers.

Why are Behavioral Emails Important?

Once the customer is converted, the real marketing begins. Retaining an existing customer is very hard and expensive. To let the customer be loyal to your business, you need to make them happy by giving them great User Experience. Having received this much, the customer will likely be promoting your business through words, this will in turn lead to the growth of your business. In order to give the customer such great experience, what we need is a service that triggers each time the user performs an action. For meeting these needs, Behavioral Email Marketing Templates is the most effective and reliable way.