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Transactional Emails

Have you ever received an email for confirming your password, order shipping, privacy policy or may be an update on social media notifications? You would think ‘are you kidding! Obviously we get plenty of them’. Here is where the term Transactional Emails come into play. All those email types that are build upon an agreement between the sender and the recipient, fall under the category of Transactional Emails.

Types of Transactional Emails –

  • Account Creation : The first email that the recipients see in their inbox is the account creation email newsletter. These emails are the best way to create a rapport with the subscribers and to make them feel connected.
  • Password Reset : These emails are send to the recipients so that they can retrieve their old password or reset it to a new one. Customers normally request for the password reset as it is quite difficult to remember passwords when they are logged in to many such platforms.

  • Order Confirmation : Once the customer orders something from your website, he/she expects an authentication email stating that the order is confirmed. More engaging and soothing the order confirmation email newsletter be, more will be the number of returning customers.
  • Account Notification : Whenever you create a web application or mobile application, you need the users to be notified with the latest news and updates. The account notification email templates fulfill this purpose and also helps in building a relationship with the subscribers.
  • Verification Email : Each time the user logs in to a new web or mobile app, they need to verify their personal informations such as mobile number or email id. For this purpose, verification emails are sent to them, confirming authenticity for the information as provided by them.

Why and how to use Transactional Emails?

The idea behind using the transactional emails is to improve User Experience. The subscribers should feel that they are provided with all the information in an easy and accessible format. The major challenge while designing these emails is the responsiveness. The responsive transactional email templates are the best way to interact with the customers and to build a healthy relationship with them.

Major transactional email service providers in the market that are responsible for designing and developing the transactional email templates are SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES and Mandrill.